Event Start

Winter International Committee

The Winter International Committee is:

Mr Lance Heilmann (Chairman), Mrs Pauline Brennan-Lim (Secretary), Mr Peter Thompson (Convenor), Mr David Johnson, Mr Joy Lim, Mr John Rice, Mr Barry Tyrell and Mr Tony Haynes.

Once again in 2019, the Winter International will be supporting a Charity. Friday is "GOLD DAY", with Australia's Biggest Morning Tea", making a difference to those impacted by Cancer, and supporting Cancer Council SA. Further details will be advised once confirmed.

About Dogs SA Winter International

The Dogs SA Winter International is the Premier Three Day, Three Show weekend in South Australia. The Show is run for Dogs SA by the Winter International Committee. Our 2019 Major Sponsor is ADVANCE, along with PLUSH PUPPY, TOTAL ANIMAL LOGISTICS, Puddleby Art, Ingrid Matschke Photography, Dog News Australia, Easy Dog Entries, Orivet, K9Online, Highway 1 Tourist Park and Blakes Tiver Road Veterinary Centre. Our panel of Ten International Judges will officiate at:

  • Three All Breeds Championship Shows (Friday CACIB)
  • Ten Group/Breed Specialty Shows
  • The "Total Animal Logistics" Breeder, Owner, Handler Sweepstakes
  • The "K9Online" Veteran and Neuter Sweepstakes
  • The "Estrela Shield" for Junior Showmanship - 2 Heats and a Final

May 31 - June 02

David Roche Park

3 All Breeds Shows
10 Specialty Shows

10 International

Ms Jocelyne Gagne


Mr Andy Gong


Mr Masato Igawa


Mr Hisayoshi Kadowaki


Mr Hiroshi Kamisato


Mr Pedro Lang


Ms Margaret Martin


Mr Roberto Alvarez Marquez


Mr David Miller


Ms Felicity Thompson


2019 Events Schedule

The Friday Winter International All Breeds CACIB Championship Show commences in Rings 1 - 8.

FCI Group 1: Margaret Martin ; FCI Group 2: Hisayoshi Kadowaki; Group FCI 3: Masato Igawa; FCI Group 4: Pedro Lang; FCI Group 5: Pedro Lang; FCI Group 6: David Miller; FCI Group 7: Andy Gong; FCI Group 8: Hiroshi Kamisato ; FCI Group 9A: Andy Gong ; FCI Group 9B: Jocelyne Gagne; FCI Group 10: David Miller ; General Specials: Masato Igawa; The Terrier Club: Roberto Alvarez Marquez

RING ALLOCATION: Ring 1 Group 9B and General Specials; Ring 2 Group 9A followed by Group 7; Ring 3 Group 8; Ring 4 Group 6, followed by Group 10. Ring 5 Group 1; Ring 6 Group 2; Ring 7 Group 3; Ring 8 Group 4, followed by Group 5.

Terrier Club (Ring 9)

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

No extra activities during the Lunch Break today but please take the opportunity to visit our Vendor area.
Judging recommences in all rings through to the end of Group Specials. Mr Masato Igawa will judge General Specials in Ring 1, approx 10 minutes after the end of the last Group Specials has concluded. Samoyed Specialty in Ring 6 after judging has completed in Groups 2 and 5.

Junior Showmanship Heat 1 for the Estrala Shield commences at 08:15am. The Saturday Winter International All Breeds Championship Show commences at 09:00am in Rings 1, 3 - 8. The Papillon Club of SA Championship Show commences in The Hall at 09:00am, followed by the Chihuahua Club of SA Show. The Irish Wolfhound Show commences at 09:00am in Ring 2.

Group 1 (Ring 1): Roberto Alvarez Marquez; Group 2 (Ring 7): Andy Gong; Group 3 (Ring 3): Pedro Lang; Group 4A (Ring 4): Felicity Thompson; Group 4B, followed by Dalmatians (Ring 4) Margaret Martin; Group 5 (Ring 5): Masato Igawa; Group 6 (Ring 6): Hiroshi Kamisato; Group 7 (Ring 8): David Miller; General Specials (Ring 1): Mr Pedro Lang

Papillon Club (The Hall); Irish Wolfhound Club (Ring 2)

During the Lunch break, The "K9Online" Veteran Ring 1 and Neuter Sweepstakes in Ring 2. Judges are Hisayoshi Kadowaki (Veteran) and Joselyn Gagne (Neuter).

Judging recommences in all rings through to the end of Group Specials. Mr Pedro Lang will judge General Specials in Ring 1, approx 10 minutes after the end of the last Group Specials has concluded. The Chihuahua Club Show will be judged in The Hall, commencing no earlier than 01:30pm. The Schnauzer Club Show will be judged in Ring 7 after the completion of the Terrier Group. The actual starting time will also depend on the availability of the Judge after completing their Group assignment for the day. Breed Clubs will pause judging if exhibits are required in the "in Group" or "in Show" judging.

Chihuahua Club (Hall) Judge: Hisayoshi Kadowaki; Schnauzer Club Judge (Ring 7): Andy Gong

Junior Showmanship Heat 2 for the Estrala Shield commences at 08:15am. The Sunday Winter International All Breeds Championship Show commences at 09:00am in Rings 1, 3 - 8. The Pug Club of SA Championship Show commences in Ring 2 at 09:00am followed by the British Bulldog Club Championship Show. The Dobermann Club of SA Championship Show commences in Ring 9, followed by the Beagle Club of SA.

Group 1A (Ring 1): Masato Igawa; Group 1B (Ring 8) Andy Gong; Group 2 (Ring 7): Hisayoshi Kadowaki; Group 3 (Ring 3): David Miller; Group 4A (Ring 4) Felicity Thompson; Group 4B (Ring 4): Jocelyne Gagne; Group 5 (Ring 5): Hiroshi Kamisato; Group 6 (Ring 6): Roberto Alvarez Marquez; Group 7 (Ring 8): Andy Gong; General Specials(Ring 1): Andy Gong

Pug Club and British Bulldog Club (Ring 2) Judge: Margaret Martin; Dobermann Club and Beagle Club (Ring 9) Judge: Pedro Lang

The "Total Animal Logistics" Breeder, Owner, Handler Sweepstakes will take place in Ring 1. Judge: Hisayoshi Kadowaki

The final of the Estrela Shield for Junior Showmanship will take place in Ring 8. Judge: Felicity Thompson

Judging recommences in all rings through to the end of Group Specials. Mr Andy Gong will judge General Specials in Ring 1 approx 10 minutes after the last Group Specials has concluded.

2019 Important Dates

SCHEDULE Publication Month Dogs SA Journal, March 2019
Entry Closing Date Friday 10th May (Paper), Sunday 19th May (EDE) 2019
CATALOGUE ADVERTISING Bookings Close Friday 26th April 2019
Artwork Deadline Friday 10th May 2019
Marquee Site Applications Application Deadline Friday 10th May 2019, unless booked out prior

2018 Winter International and Partner Club Schedules

Online Entries - EASY DOG ENTRIES

2018 Friday Group Catalogues

Group Catalogues will be uploaded by 7am Friday morning

2019 Sponsorship

Event FAQs

The Schedule

As well as being able to be downloaded from this website, the Winter International Schedule is published in the March edition of the Dogs SA Journal. It is also available to be downloaded as a PDF file from the Dogs SA website and the Winter International Facebook page. It is also published in Dog News Australia and K9Online. Partner Club Schedules are published in the Dogs SA Journal and Club Websites/Facebook Pages and can also be downloaded from this website. Go to the Schedules Page for access to all Schedules as they are published.

Marquee Hire

When it is intended to book and erect a commercial marquee, an application must be made to the Dogs SA office for any show. Go to their website. Refer to downloads for “Commercial Marquee Procedure” for an application which must be lodged no less than 10 working days prior to the event. The booking must be made on the site plan – Refer to downloads for “Commercial marquee site plan” and accompanied by the non-refundable prescribed fee of $50.00. Dogs SA Office Enquiries to Hayley Prior on 0883494797.

All Bookings of and payment for Marquees, must be done direct with the Commercial Marquee Hire Companies.

Dogs SA Website Link


Exhibitors are able to enter the three Winter International All Breeds Championship Shows online via EASY DOG ENTRIES or post paper entries to the Convenor. South Australian Exhibitors may hand their entries direct to the Convenor Peter Thompson at Shows.


Exhibitors are able to enter all Breed Club Shows either ONLINE or postally to the address in the Breed Club Schedules

Setting up Times and Security

Private Gazebos can be set up on the Thursday morning as soon as the gates are open, around 7AM but check the Winter International Facebook page during the few days prior for updates. There will be Security on the Grounds Thursday through to Saturday nights. The Gates will remain open until approx 8pm on the Thursday to allow for late set up. Please note that all items are left on the grounds at your own risk.

DOGS SA CACIB SHOW - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Under FCI rules do Champions have to enter the Championship class and not their age class?

A. The FCI regulations are not specific however under the regulations for the conduct of the ANKC/FCI show a Champion may be entered in its age class but not in Open.

Q. Will there be individual critiques?

A. No, as this will reduce the number of dogs a judge can judge and significantly increase the entry cost

Q. Will there be BOB or Breed Critiques?

A. No, the judge may not be a breed specialist, therefore Breed Critiques will not be provided

Q. What are you doing about Poodles? Will the Australian or FCI sizes apply?

A. FCI and in Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs

Q. Which Standards are used for a CACIB / ANKC Show?

A. FCI standards and Groups.

Q. Where a dog is eligible for a CC under the ANKC standard but not under the FCI Standard, can a dog be awarded the ANKC CC but not the CACIB?

A. Where a dog is eligible for a ANKC CC and the judges deems it of suitable quality, then it may be awarded without the CACIB.

Q. Will there be 10 FCI Groups for General Specials or the combined Gundog and Hound Groups to make 7 as per Reg 5 Section 6.2?

A. There will be 10 groups represented in General Specials including Baby and Puppy Classes

Q. Can docked dogs be shown without disqualification?

A. Yes and under FCI regulations must be judged equally as non-docked dogs.

Q. What is the Class number for “Open” (non-Champions) and “Champions” at CACIB Shows

A. 11/11A (Open) and 21/21A (Champion)

Q. Will dogs be measured?

A. This will be at the discretion of the judge but yes they may be.

Q. Will judges be able to disqualify dogs if they disqualifying faults with in the standard.

A. Yes, they will as they are judging under FCI standards.

Q. Are the breeds judged in alphabetical order for each FCI group?

A. Yes, alphabetically within the groups as per the listing in ANKC Reg 5 shows section 6

Unfortunately due to lack of suitable facilities, Camping is not allowed on David Roche Park. However, there are several Caravan Parks around Adelaide that are Dog Friendly. Highway One Tourist Park is "Dog Friendly" and is located about 20 minutes awat from David Roche Park and is a popular destination for exhibitors. There are also Holiday Houses and some Motels that will allow Dogs in Trailers. Do a Google search on Dog Friendly Accommadation in Adelaide for options.

Event Location

David Roche Park
Cromwell Road, Kilburn
South Australia
Phone: 0408806464
Email: winterinternat@adelaide.on.net